Ending Modern Slavery in the West

Sexual slavery is the most profitable industry

With annual returns of 90%

We’re worse off now than we were in the 1800s when chattel (plantation) slavery was abolished. People don’t realize that it is still going on. Many think of slavery as being chained and beaten in public. This is a new era of slavery. They don’t realize that slavery looks much different today than in the past.

Wage exploitation and other human rights abuses are also forms of slavery. For example, propaganda perpetuates the idea that some people just aren’t working hard enough to better themselves, when low wages are why they can’t go to school and they don’t have good credit.

Vulnerable young men are being radicalized on social media platforms to believe some groups are inferior to others, with the goal of making human rights abuses and violence more acceptable to them.  

Be conscious about spending your money with companies that focus on a slavery-free supply chain. The U.S. government requires all Fortune 500 companies to have a modern slavery statement or protocol, and post it on their websites.

Jánelle Marina’s Life Experiences Fuel Her Drive for Social Reform

Born in Bronxville, New York, Jánelle Marina Méndez Viera has a strong background in finance, human rights, and the military. Having endured adversity throughout her childhood and early adulthood, including multiple forms of sexual violence and modern slavery, she is passionate about finding solutions to tackle human rights abuses, and promote transparency and accountability in the financial industry.

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