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U.S. Liberty Coin

First & only AI-powered currency

USLC is the first AI-powered hybrid stable coin revolutionizing finance, defense, cannabis & human rights.

Liberty Leaf AI

Liberty Leaf’s mission is to revolutionize the world of finance and bring about positive change for humanity. The U.S. Liberty Coin (USLC) is the first and only AI-powered hybrid-stable cryptocurrency. It combines AI, machine learning and blockchain technology to offer fast, secure and transparent transactions while also protecting the rights of all involved parties. With a focus on eliminating modern slavery in the cannabis supply chain, making weapons and robots safer, and offering AI-powered securities (AI Securities), USLC represents a new era in financial technology.

Méndez Viera’s Banking Experience

Early in her career, Jánelle Marina worked at Bank of America as a part-time teller, and was quickly promoted. Thus began a 10-year career on Wall Street, working for Citigroup Global Markets and JPMorgan. Now, Jánelle Marina’s comeback to Wall Street as a FinTech entrepreneur and startup executive is making waves, as she breaks down barriers and becomes the first Puerto Rican American woman to launch her own investment bank in U.S. history. She also made history as the first person ever to create AI-powered currency. Her invention is fueled by her passion and unwavering commitment to human rights, making her a true inspiration in the field of STEM for BIPOC girls everywhere!

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Liberty Leaf’s USLC is the future of money: a new kind of currency that is fast, secure, and designed to create positive change in the world. Learn more about current investment opportunities at LibertyLeaf.ai.