A Certified Human Rights CEO, Jánelle Marina is available to speak to business owners, investors and organizations looking for leaders who are committed to not just educate about social reform but to be the catalyst for change.

Human Rights Consulting

Creating and actively facilitating a slavery-free supply chain is a positive step toward abolishing modern day slavery, and supporting fair and equitable human rights. Jánelle Marina is available to assess your supply chains and processes, and suggest solutions to any areas that might need to be addressed.

Academic Researcher

Jánelle Marina is a social scientific autodidact theoretic researcher. As part of her self-funded research, she relocated to the Dominican Republic for a year to study the anthropological impacts of psychosocial racism and sexism on marginalized communities, through the lens of race and gender in the context of human rights. She documented and researched modern Haitian enslavement in the Dominican Republic and the role that the United States has played in destabilizing the Haitian government in order to control the Caribbean nation’s resources to include the highly sought-after and rare Iridium deposits located in Haiti.

In her book, “The Pathway Towards Peace: U.S. Human Rights Manifesto,” Jánelle Marina introduces a new theory called psychosocial racism and sexism, which builds off of the well-known theories of psychological racism by Harvard Alumnus Alan Poussaint and sociological theory of the concept of race by WEB DuBois.

FinTech Innovator

Jánelle Marina is revolutionizing finance with the U.S. Liberty Coin (USLC), the first and only AI-powered hybrid-stable cryptocurrency (AI Cryptocurrency). By combining AI, machine learning, and blockchain technology, USLC offers fast, secure, and transparent transactions while also protecting the rights of all involved parties.

Public Speaking

Change starts with education. Jánelle Marina is available to speak to business owners, investors and other organizations about the human rights issues embedded in our global economy, and how to embrace a socially responsible approach to business.

Media Inquiries

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