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The Pathway Towards Peace

U.S. Human Rights Manifesto authored by Jánelle Marina Méndez Viera. Read her new book.

About The Pathway Towards Peace

In this book, Méndez Viera uses her extensive knowledge and expertise to guide and educate Americans on how to defend democracy and create lasting peace. She introduces a new theory called psychosocial racism and sexism, which builds off of the well-known theories of psychological racism by Harvard Alumnus Alan Poussaint and sociological theory of the concept of race by WEB DuBois. Méndez Viera synthesizes these two theories, which were once argued to be competing theories, through her development of the radicalization pipeline model. With this theory, she aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of mass communication on the psychology of viewers and the sociology of Americans.

As part of her self-funded research, Méndez Viera relocated to the Dominican Republic for a year to study the anthropological impacts of psychosocial racism and sexism on marginalized communities, through the lens of race and gender in the context of human rights. She documented and researched modern Haitian enslavement in the Dominican Republic and the role that the United States has played in destabilizing the Haitian government in order to control the Caribbean nation’s resources to include the highly sought-after and rare Iridium deposits located in Haiti.

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